Thursday, March 10, 2011


The good news..................

We are now the proud owners of not one but two zucchini's. Feeling pretty chuffed. Kurtis picked them and started eating one on the spot.
I have a great recipe for the yummiest zucchini slice I've ever had, we'll be having that in the next day or two.

Oh and we have a little baby eggplant, so cute.

The bad news.....................

Something is eating our basil and our corn. What could it be?

Lots of space in the veggie patch to plant what, any ideas?

And totally unrelated cuteness. The other day I thought Kurtis had been pretty quiet for I while, so I thought I had better check things out. This is what I found.

Kurtis was reading stories to Max in the back seat of our car. 

So please tell me what to plant now. I do have books and charts and Internet access but it would be easier if you just tell me :)

Georgia xx

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