Thursday, April 28, 2011

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

I try to be very conscious about how much time I spend on the computer while Kurtis is awake. It used to be not at all, but since I got a new laptop and wireless Internet this little device has been seducing me big time.
Apart from the fact that I recently read that some schools have removed their wireless network and gone back to the plug in option because of unsafe levels of radiation, you're simply not present when your on the computer.
I don't mean to say that I play with Kurty all day. I spend a fair amount of time, washing clothes and dishes, cleaning, tidying, vacuuming, cooking in fact anything to avoid pushing matchbox cars around on the floor!
Kurtis also likes to cook, clean and tidy and I try to include him in all these jobs when he's interested. I mean it doesn't matter how long it takes to do these jobs does it, 10 minutes, 30 minutes. Its the process not the product.
I guess that's the luxury of being a stay at home mum. I could clean this house top to bottom in 4-5 hours, it's a pretty big house. But instead it takes 4 to 5 days. Who cares (well sometimes I do if I know we are having visitors but Clint and I are masters of the 15 minute tidy which is totally fine if you don't look too closely).
What I love is watching Kurty with a spray bottle of vinegar and water and a cloth. He cleans floors, cupboards,windows, showers, most things really. He vacuums with the dust buster and the big vacuum, he loads and unloads the washing machine and hangs clothes on the line. He doesn't do any of these things properly except the laundry but that is so not the point.

Anyway yesterday he was asking for my old laptop for the millionth time and as I'm trying to delay his familiarisation with technology for as long as I can I said No, again. (our local primary school uses computers in Prep, he will not be "behind" if he isn't proficient before that and he can already take a mean photo with my iPhone. Don't ask me how I didn't show him!)
All he wanted was to imitate me so after 5 minutes of cut and paste Kurty had himself a laptop.

   The first thing he said was "mum can I have your iPhone I need to download some photos" so much for delaying familiarisation! He then went on to say something about a modem?

I made this really quickly as I was trying to get something else done but you could make it a lot more like the real thing with a bit of attention to detail

Junior laptop:-

1 manila folder
2 pieces of ribbon
magazine pictures (let your child choose and cut and paste them on)

calculator (to use as a mobile phone)

= hours of fun.
OK not really hours more like 10 minutes here and there but he loves it anyway.

Kurty does not get to play with my phone, you may think that's mean when there are soooo many "cute" apps out there (I have been told, I haven't actually seem them) aimed squarely at his age group. If your wondering why I have made this choice click on the link below.
Its in two parts 7 minute each. Its Dr Charlie Teo on 60 minutes but if you haven't seem it before please watch. For your children's sake.

You may think its propaganda and that is your right but with the jury still out on the link between mobile phones and tumours why would you risk it? The fact is that children's skulls are thinner than ours.

Talk again soon,

Georgia xx

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for your visit - and so good to know that it´s that big! I have to check this a bit closer before I buy it, because I really don´t have that kind of home that I can fit huge mobiles in..! :-)