Thursday, February 17, 2011


Spiders, usually I'm ok with them, unless its a huntsman. For some reason huntsmen make my skin crawl. Its always been this way much to the disappointment of my husband who occasionally gets woken up in the early hours of the morning by me holding an ice cream container and a piece of card. He knows what to do but is never happy about it.
We had one this morning after Clint had left for work. It was down quite low compared to their usual hangout near the roof. I saw it and ignored it because I have heard that fear is a learned response and I don't want to pass my issues on to Kurtis.
Kurtis saw him shortly after.

 "Mum there's a big spider"
 "I know buddy I saw him too, he's a big one isn't he"
 "he's a Daddy Enormous Legs"

Oh how I laughed. I think Daddy Long Legs are the only ones he knows the name of and he's never seen a Huntsman before as they always seem to come out at night and I have them removed immediately.
So he just figured that's what they must be called. I told him they were called Huntsman but he thought Daddy Enormous Legs was really a much more appropriate name and I really can't argue that one.
Then something amazing happened. I got the cardboard and the ice cream container and I calmly put him outside! Amazing what you can do when your child is the motivation.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, this blog has been a funny thing. I used to wonder why people would put there thoughts out there for anyone to read and I also used to wonder who read them. Then I started to read them, and found them interesting, entertaining and fascinating. I love to be a fly on the wall to peoples thoughts. I have always been a reader and sometimes you can stumble across blogs that are well written and thought provoking or just delicious eye candy from all the amateur photographers and crafters and interior stylists.
Then a friend suggested I start documenting the birth of our veggie garden and here we are.
What has surprised me most is that in a few short posts I have been read in 6 countries! AUS, USA, UK, Canada, Sweden and Malaysia. What the?    I don't even know anyone in Canada or Malaysia. Even more surprising is how chuffed I feel that people are reading what I write.

I also love how permanent this is, I have a crap memory and I mean REALLY crap so I am going to start documenting other things here too. Veggies take awhile to grow so I need to diversify if I want to post regularly.

Stay tuned.

I do love photos in blog posts so here is mine for today. I love beautiful houses and this is one gorgeous kitchen.
I should have taken a photo of the spider but I know I people with real arachnophobia can't even look at a photo of a spider without freaking out and I don't want to be put anyone through that!

Image from a blog that I enjoy daily The house that a-m built. 

Georgia xx

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  1. Daddy Enormous Legs is fantastic! He's one clever button that boy of yours. And damn cute to boot!