Thursday, February 3, 2011


This post is without photos, sorry. I am on the new laptop, yay but have yet to connect a printer so I can't get photos off the camera yet.
Anyway, I actually did what I said we would do and went to Bunnings last Friday. We spent $70 on seedlings. Went home very excited.

 First mistake, I brought too much.

In our excitement we planted them on Friday afternoon. My chest puffed out as I showed my husband our perfect veggie garden full of seedlings, now we just had to sit back and wait and water until we could harvest our beautiful homegrown veggies.

Second mistake, I didn't check the weather forecast.

Saturday was the beginning of four days in a row over 35 degrees celsius, one day got to at least 39. Needless to say at least half our seedlings have curled up and died.

Feeling pretty stupid right now but you live and you learn. Oh well back to Bunnings..................................

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  1. No need to feel stupid lovely. This is something you will now remember to do forever! Reframe it *grin*.

    What seedlings did you buy? I ask, as some do better straight in the ground from seed - like legumes for example. Whereas most others love the headstart of being babied a bit - like leafy greens, cruciferous, solanaceae etc.

    Lovin' hearing your journey :o)