Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The beginnings of some lettuce

Our beautiful sunflowers in all their glory. I feel happy every time I see them. Kurtis believes they are still growing and he checks on their progress regularly, 4 or 5 times a day at least.

We have visible growth from our lettuce seeds! It happened just four days after sowing. I'm blown away.
So, I should have documented this earlier but my six year old laptop walks with a limp. That is, it seems to take an eternity to upload a photo to this blog amongst other things. A minor issue I guess but it kinda takes some of the fun out of posting. Hence the infrequency to date.

Things should be a lot better soon.  I have a brand new Sony notebook right here beside me. I got it on Monday after my hubby nagging me for the last twelve months to upgrade. And I kept ignoring him. Hang on that is sounding strangely and embarrassingly familiar.
I had been resisting because it just seemed too hard. To say I am technologically challenged doesn't even begin to describe the situation.
So I thought I had finally done it and was feeling quite proud. Until I tried to load the software or whatever for the modem and the printer. It turns out neither are compatible with Windows 7.   FUCK.
 I should have stuck with XP but I was trying to be cool and move with the times. So now I need to buy a new modem and printer. Not happy.

Anyway, about the garden. It is still devoid of plants or seeds but we have filled it with composting soil or something so it really is ready to go. We are going to buy some seedlings on Friday. Apparently there is still a lot of stuff I can plant now.
And the lettuces are growing, in punnets for now. Please don't comment on our planting technique.(Or my photography skills this is a gardening blog remember) I know they are waaaaay too close together but the seeds are sooooooooo tiny and combine that fact with the fine motor skills of a 3 year old, and you may see where I'm coming from.
I really had to reign in my inner control freak here and let the boy do his thing.
I want him feel ownership over this garden. This project is more for him to learn and connect with the earth than it is too feed us. Although if it feeds us I will be ecstatic. And I thought it would help us fill in the sometimes seemingly endless days at home. There is only so long one can discuss at length the differences and similarities between some 99 matchbox cars!  
Now a couple of questions. How much do worms eat? I realise their mouths are tiny so I haven't been giving them much. Probably something every five days or so but they seem to eat so very slowly. I kind of thought they were going to help us get rid of our kitchen scraps but to be honest I don't think that they're doing their fair share. I have been chopping up their veggies in the Thermomix so they don't need to chew too much but so far they're efforts have been pretty disappointing.
The other question is, when I plant the seedlings into the dirt should I put a layer of Lucerne hay or something around them to try and keep the soil from drying out too much?

I would love to know what you think.

Georgia xx

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