Saturday, January 15, 2011

slow and steady

So it took 15 months to start this project you didn't think we would finish it in one weekend did you?

So we stapled black plastic around the sides (a tip from my friend's dad).
Turns out the mulch in the park did belong to someone. Why they think its ok to dump it in our local park and leave it there for over 6 months is a mystery to me. So I raked up all the leaves in our garden today and added them to the plots then my husband shovelled in the mushroom compost. One bed is as good as filled and we should get another metre and a half of the mushroom stuff tomorrow with any luck. I have then planned a trip to Heronswood next Wednesday to buy some seeds.
I also found this site today which should be helpful.
The book I have been reading "Fabulous food from every small garden" by Mary Horsfall, published by CSIRO while informative is a bit off putting. If I followed every step in this book tending to my vegie patch will be a full time job! This is the sort of thing that has put me off in the past. I like to do things properly, "by the book" no pun intended and it just all seems so hard. But then real people not books keep telling me that really it is very simple so I hope they are right.
I'm sure it won't be the last time I ask but short of building a fence (which would be another 12 months in the making I'm sure) how am I going to keep my very sniffy beagle cross off my vegie garden? He loves to jump up and in to it already and we haven't even planted anything.

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