Wednesday, January 19, 2011

baby steps

Well I hoped I would have had more to report by now.
The garden beds are still empty and awaiting a bit more soil to be filled.
But progress has been made. Today Kurtis and I met some beautiful friends at Heronswood. We chatted, we snacked and we wandered the beautiful gardens. I got some inspiration and we brought some seeds at last.
I was however slightly disappointed. I had imagined buying quite a variety of vegies but when I asked the lady in the shop what  to plant now she told me that it was really too late for most things other than lettuces and boc choy type things. She said we could try tomatoes but if we didn't get a long Summer then we would be left with green tomatoes that wouldn't ripen.
I have looked at a few websites and they all say that there are quite a lot of things you can plant in January where I live. Beetroot, Asparagus, carrots, radish, silverbeet, turnips and zuccini for example. So I'm a bit confused.

Anyway Kurtis was very eager to get planting so we planted 2 types of lettuce seeds in to punnets. I hope they grow so we can transplant them into our garden.
He has been very excited lately as some sunflower seeds that he planted into egg cartons at playgroup last year have finally started to flower. He is beaming with pride at his achievement (although not in photos!). I'm really glad we did this now as he realises how long things can take to grow. Four months is ALONG time when your 3 and a half, but he seems to have the patience for our new venture, I think I can learn from him in that department!
I would love to hear from you with regards to what if anything you are planting now. Surely lettuce isn't our only option, its possibly the only vegetable Kurtis doesn't really like.
I have some ironing that will wait no longer, its been in the lounge room for about a week, so I must go but tomorrow I want to talk about the worms, curious little creatures they are.    

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